iWar Submarine (Android)




iWar Submarine (Android)

Developer:N/A Genre:Adventure Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

iWar Submarine Adventure is an amazing game with top quality graphics and effects that will keep you 'hooked' for hours! How to shoot submarines? 1. Tap on the sub so that it comes out of the water. 2. Swipe on the sub to send a missile at it! BONUS-Swipe 2 simultaneous fishes to get 4+ points. Game Modes. - Arcade Mode: Dont let more than 3 subs cross without being caught. - 60 Second Trial: 60 seconds to show your skill - Expert Mode: Many subs, can you handle it? - Pro Mode: Many subs AND traps! - Custom mode: you choose: Invincible, subs only, fishes, gravity... You can adjust the levels for all elements with a slider! You are the boss!
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