Ice Cream Madness (Android)




Ice Cream Madness (Android)

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About The Game

We all love the sound of the ice cream truck driving by just as much as you'll love this fun app! Hurry! So many kids are waiting for your truck to come by"but there are so many hurdles; think you can make it? This clever and addictive app comes with two modes: DISTANCE RACE- Drive as far as you can without bumping or crashing the truck. The best time wins! HURDLING RACE- With 16 different levels with a different task each we are sure will not get bored! The tasks may be to collect as many cones as possible, to prevent falling into holes or be careful with different obstacles along the way" Are you up to the challenge? We are sure you are going to love the graphics and challenges as much as you love ice cream; so hurry up and have some fun with this ice cream truck!
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