Bubble Rabbit (Android)




Bubble Rabbit (Android)

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About The Game

This funny bunny is hungry and needs your help to get the carrots and go back outside! With amazing challenges and a LOT of levels to complete; this addictive and fun app will have you hooked from the beginning!

Get ready to use your best logistics, physics and calculating skills to help the bunny! With four scenarios of bunny houses and multiple levels in each, the fun is nonstop! The goal is simple, get as many carrots and get out! You will need to calculate the best way to do it without getting hurt or falling.

Every level comes with a fun and even more exciting challenge. You will encounter different gadgets every time that may help you: bubbles, ropes, bouncers or even wind to push you out. But beware! As you move up the levels become more challenging with more hazards in them: you can get hit, electrocuted or fall down without being held by a rope.

With amazing graphics and effects, you will not want to put it down! There are similar games in the store; but none as fun, challenging or addictive as this!

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