Addictive Tanks (Android)




Addictive Tanks (Android)

Developer:N/A Genre:ArcadeSimulation Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Think managing the army is fun? Wait until you try this app! Addictive Tanks is an awesome and war simulation game that you will not want to put down! Tanks Rules and Regulations: 1. NO COLLISIONS! tanks cannot 'bump' into each other. Keep your distance, accidents can happen even without a bump! watch out! 2.There are 3/4 colored tank parkings (red, blue and yellow), you need to position the tanks according to their color (BE READY FOR WAR!) 3. If you try to park a tank in the wrong place you will crash! How to play? Just drag the tanks to the proper entrance. Features - 2 map levels. - Amazing graphics and sound effects!
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