Real Mole Adventure (Android)




Real Mole Adventure (Android)

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About The Game

It's a mole's life! And life is not easy... Think you can juggle all the needs and obstacles a mole encounters on a daily base? Then prove it with this fun and addictive new app game!

With amazing graphics and effects you will get hooked from the beginning! The goal is to give your mole the best life possible. In order to do so he will have to go and get enough food to cash in and get what he needs.

Since this is a living thing you will have to make sure all of his basic needs such as food, sleep or shelter, are being met.

First your mole will need to dig enough to reach its food. Depending on what he finds the bank will award him with more money. Depending on his needs you will have to use the money wisely: if he is lacking energy, your best option is to go get some sleep at the hotel.

If the energy level is ok or you have enough money left you can go to the store where you will have options to increase its weight, energy or tools to dig better or look cooler!

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