Work Pay Tracker (Android)




Work Pay Tracker (Android)

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About The Game

Finally the perfect way to organize jobs! This is the perfect tool for every employer, freelancer or just an organized person who wants to keep all of its work information in a neat and organized way that is easy to keep track of and share. Every job can be categorized, files by color and type and stored for future reference. Do you charge or pay per minute or hour? This is the perfect tool! •Add a job: -Name -Hourly rate, with option of overtime! -Assign it a color -Add notes about it •With a built in clock you just press start and stop accordingly so that it gets recorded for your salary! •Calendar view: with the assigned colors it has never been this easy to manage your jobs •Time cards: The perfect way to record and manage jobs done and paid! As soon as your job is done, share the info in one easy click with your employer or employee... As easy as that! Finally, the best way to keep your jobs as organized and easy to manage as you wanted! Go ahead , go to work!
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