Vehicle Meter (Android)




Vehicle Meter (Android)

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About The Game

Vehicle Meter is the latest tool for keeping track and log of your gas mileage and vehicle maintenance.

Our cars need constant care: oil changes, gas refill, washing and overall repairs to name a few. With this simple to use application you will now be able to track all of its information, chart it, compare it and share it.

- Tracks vehicle maintenance data and gas mileage information (such as price and other)
- Odometer track
- Cost/Gallon averages
- Gas Brand sorting
- Payment type (perfect to classify your expenses for business/personal use)
- Tire pressure control
- Charting for your data
- Store vehicle data: Brand, style, color VIN, License Plate, etc.
- Sort data under multiple parameters
- Compatible with multiple units
- And many more!

Finally an easy way to record and keep track of all of your cars' day to day information!

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